Why is ventilation maintenance and servicing important?

Regular servicing of your ventilation system has a significant impact on a good indoor air quality in your property. Regular service also helps to avoid repairs which cost unnecessary money and ensures that the ventilation system runs at the optimum efficiency.

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery unit (MVHR) filters should be checked initially at 3 months post installation due to construction dust in the environment and then on a regular basis, at least once every 6 months with the filters replaced every 12 months. The replacement schedule will depend on the external and internal environments and in more polluted environments the frequency may need to be increased.

The MVHR service requirements will also vary based on the environmental conditions, but we recommend that a maximum period to a full service is 5 years from the date of installation, the decision to service the unit more frequently than this can be made if required on inspection of the filters.

The replacement schedule will depend on the external and internal environments and in more polluted environments the frequency may need to be increased.

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