The PoziDry ProTM was installed in a 3-bed home in Reading which suffered from an ongoing condensation and mould problem. Air quality data from before and after the PIV installation showed a sharp decline in both total volatile organic compound (VOC) levels and mould VOC levels after the system was installed, whilst also successfully tackling condensation and mould. The home was occupied by a family of four, three of whom have asthma and two have eczema, which can both be aggravated by the presence of mould.

Near-silent, continuous running ventilation from Vent-Axia, the market leader in low carbon ventilation, is helping one housing association in the West Country make across the board improvements to its tenanted housing stock.

Vent-Axia has helped the Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO), East Durham Homes, to meet the Decent Homes standard, improving indoor air quality and tenant comfort for council housing in Horden, Peterlee and Seaham with Lo-Carbon™ Safety Extra Voltage (SELV) Centra dMEV ventilation.

Vent-Axia’s ground-breaking Lo-Carbon™ Centra and Quadra fans have helped improve the indoor air quality for residents at a block of flats. The flats known as Spencerbeck are located in the Ormesby area of Middlesbrough. They were refurbished by Coast & Country as part of the Decent Homes programme.

Vent-Axia has always known its fans are second to none in performance and quality and now the company has support from MITIE’s Property Services business in its claim. Over the last 18 months, approximately 1,800 of Vent-Axia’s dMEV (decentralized Mechanical Extract Ventilation) Lo-Carbon Centra fans have been installed on a far-reaching refurbishment project for housing provider, A2Dominion, earning a ringing endorsement from MITIE.