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Vent-Axia has welcomed the publication of new Approved Document Part F (ventilation) of the Building Regulations, as a “vital step to improve indoor air quality” along with amended Part L (fuel and power) as we move towards a Net Zero future. An entirely new Approved Document O (overheating) has also been published. To help understand the new Building Regulations, Vent-Axia will be hosting a range of webinars highlighting any changes, how they will affect you and answering any questions that you may have on the future Building Regulations.


This webinar gives guidance on how to comply with Part F of Schedule 1 to the building regulations concerning domestic dwellings.


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Providing guidance relating to non-domestic buildings, using Approved Document F, Volume 2: Buildings other than dwellings.




Public Housing Repairs,
Maintenance &

Join this webinar if you would like to know what the new building regulations mean and how they will affect public and social housing.


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Building Regulations Overview

Published on 15. December 2021, the new Building Regulations will come into effect from 15. June 2022 and will have an impact on all sectors and markets.

Arrangements are in place for the six-month transitional period before the new regulations come into force, which mean that if full plans, initial or building notices for building works are submitted to a local authority before 15. June 2022, then as long as the building work commences by 15. June 2023, work on that individual building is permitted to continue under the previous standards.

The new Building Regulations approved documents can be found here:

Further information on the new Building Regulations can be found on the Government website:

Please also visit our legislation page for more industry guidance, which may influence product selection at design stage and throughout the life of the buildings in which they are installed.